Our Mission

Our mission is to offer berths and services which we would like to experience ourselves when we are on the water. We think this means more than just a berth. Service, good facilities and unambiguous agreements are just as important. We facilitate various watersports activities and events. This way we create a hospitable and lively marina, where watersport is fun, sociable, exciting and relaxing.

The Jachthavengroep was founded by Fred Redeker, marine engineer and sailor. Within the Jachthavengroep his profession and passion mix: to design, develop and explore marinas.

The team

Harbormasters Amsterdam Marina
Niels Anema, Joost Redeker, Alexander Grautman, Jens Heupers

Harbormasters Rotterdam Marina
Dennis Koogje, Jan Huib van de Stadt, Leonard Passchier

Harbourmasters Regatta Center Medemblik
Alex Hanenberg, Marcel Hanenberg, Saskia Schagen

Harbormasters Marina Stellendam
Daan van der Klooster, Alex Verton

De Jachthavengroep
Fred Redeker, Director
Thijs Redeker, Manager
Francisca Redeker, Communications

Dock Hotel Stellendam Hotelappartementen
Ronald Dominicus

This core team is being assisted by additional staff in summer and during events. Our team members are focusing on their own marinas but if need be they gladly lend a hand of assistance in the sister marinas.

The perfect location for your company

In Amsterdam Marina, Regatta Center Medemblik and Marina Stellendam we have various commercial locations for rent. Please contact: info@amsterdammarina.com.


Amsterdam Marina

Rotterdam Marina

Regatta Center Medemblik

Marina Stellendam

Marina Offices

Amsterdam Marina
opened daily from 11.00 - 17.00 uur
Telephone +31 (0) 20 63 10 767

Rotterdam Marina
opened daily from 13.00 tot 16.30 uur
Telephone +31 (0) 10 48 54 096

Regatta Center Medemblik
opened daily on appointment
Telephone +31 (0) 227 547781

Marina Stellendam
opened daily on appointment
Telephone +31 (0) 187 493769


Amsterdam Marina
Werfkade 4
1033 RA Amsterdam

Rotterdam Marina
Rijksboom 90
3071 AX Rotterdam

Regatta Center Medemblik
Vooroever 3
1671 SG Medemblik

Marina Stellendam
Deltahaven 61
3251 LC Stellendam

Contact information

Amsterdam Marina

Rotterdam Marina

Regatta Center Medemblik

Marina Stellendam